Five reasons we LOVE shellfish!

Bake-Off judge Mary Berry recently declared that prawn cocktail is back in fashion – but we already knew that.

The dish has been a restaurant and dinner party staple for decades, and for good reason.

Shellfish are a really nutritious, high-protein and easy-to-prepare ingredient, providing instant wow factor on the plate with minimum fuss.

Whether you’re choosing Prime prawns, crab, crayfish, langoustine or scallops, they can be served warm or cold, with a sauce, or just a simple squeeze of lemon.

Here, we list our top reasons to love these fruits of the sea.


1. Great Taste

Shellfish are blessed with a wonderful sweet and subtle flavour that lends them well to any type of dish. Paired with garlic mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon they can be devoured with virtually no preparation at all, just allowing their natural flavour to shine through.

Our Buckie Dressed Crab can be enjoyed straight from the shell alongside a salad, with the already-dressed white and brown meat one of the tastiest treats around.


2. Low fat heroes

As with seafood generally, shellfish are both high in protein and low in fat, making them a brilliant choice for anyone watching their weight. Three ounces of steamed scallops, for instance, gives you almost 20 grams of protein, with less than a single gram of fat and just 94 calories. And in addition to the omega-3 fatty acids provided by shellfish, they also contain numerous important minerals such as zinc, copper, iron and magnesium.


3. Fast food

One of the best features of serving shellfish is the speed with which you can create a delicious starter or main dish. Cooked from scratch, shellfish can be ready in under five minutes. Even better, you can buy Prime pre-cooked produce and enjoy the freshest flavours straight from the pack.

Serve Prime pre-cooked prawns onto a plate, with some salad leaves and a quarter of lemon to squeeze over and you have an instantly-enjoyable ultra-low-calorie dish. And it’s just a little step up from there to a prawn cocktail. You just mix tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and lemon juice to create a Marie Rose sauce that can be poured over your prawns and lettuce. So quick yet incredibly tasty.


4. Loved by kids

While it can be a challenge to persuade a child to eat a lovely fillet of salmon, parents often have a lot more success with shellfish. The size, shape, white flesh and sweet taste are often very alluring to little ones. Serving prawns in a tomato sauce with pasta, or stir fried with noodles is a great way to ensure your kids are getting omega-3 in their diet – but many are happy to be more adventurous too, merrily tucking into crayfish, crab and langoustines. Giving them those options from a young age, and letting them try different foods from your plate or from a dish in the middle of the table, is a low-pressure way of helping them broaden their horizons.


5. No-fuss option

You don’t have to cook shellfish from scratch and spend time removing them from the shell, because our range of produce comes cooked and already prepared. Our Prime King Prawns have kept their tails for versatility meaning you can serve them in a hot dish, salad, or with a dip as a pre-dinner appetiser.

And our Argentinian Red Prawns are a delicacy that just have to be experienced. Sweet and melt-in-your-mouth tender, once tried you will return to them time and time again.

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