Five ways to wow your mum on Mother’s Day

This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday, 31st March.

It’s a day to pamper mothers, step-mums, grannies and other maternal figures who are important to us.

And, while cards and flowers are always appreciated, what better way to show how much you care than to prepare your mum a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner – perhaps all three!

Here, we round up five treats that will wow the special person you are celebrating Mother’s Day with this year. 


1. Breakfast in bed

It’s one of the UK’s most popular luxury food products, and has also become one of the top ingredients we think of when planning a celebration. So how about starting your mum’s big day with one of the ultimate breakfast treats – smoked salmon. You can serve it to her before she rises with scrambled egg, or as a spot of brunch if you’re planning to have a special Sunday dinner later in the day. A glass of fresh orange juice would be the perfect accompaniment, not to mention a freshly-made cup of coffee.


2. Blinis

Before Sunday lunch or dinner with your mum, serving smoked salmon on blinis with cream cheese is just an irresistible appetiser that will be appreciated by the whole family. Don’t forget to drizzle a little lemon juice over them before serving for the ultimate taste sensation. 


3. King Prawns

Served in a Marie Rose sauce with a salad for lunch, or in a cocktail glass with iceberg lettuce as a starter, king prawns always add the wow factor. Including a little Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce, paprika and a squeeze of lemon in the mix, makes for a memorable dish that can’t fail to impress your loved one on Mother’s Day.


4. Buckie Dressed Crab

If your mum enjoys eating crab, and you want to pull out all the stops on her big day, then we have the ultimate treat. Our Buckie Dressed Crabs come individually wrapped and ready to eat and are super tasty. They are dressed and packed with juicy and tender brown and white meat. All you need to do is add salad, pepper, and a little lemon and mayonnaise on the side, and you have a real Mother’s Day dish to remember.


5. Scallops

Naturally sweet and tender, scallops are a wonderful way of making an impact as part of a special Mother’s Day dinner. They are deliciously succulent whether steamed, fried or grilled, and can be served simply-dressed on their own as a starter, or combined with spaghetti and/or vegetables as a main course. Our scallops are supplied from local boats in the Peterhead and Fraserburgh areas of the north east of Scotland, and are some of the freshest and tastiest around.

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