Peterhead Fresh

Peterhead Fresh

At Prime Seafoods we are proud to source fish from around the world for our customers. We take most pride in the fish which is landed by local fishermen at the newly opened Peterhead Fish Market. To demonstrate this, we have launched a new initiative called Peterhead Fresh.

When you see this logo on our products, it is a guarantee that your fish is as fresh as possible (never frozen), has been caught in Scottish waters, by local boats and landed at Peterhead Fish Market. It guarantees the highest quality of fish and support for our local fishing industry in Scotland.

The launch of this initiative coincides with the opening of the new state-of-the-art Fish Market in Peterhead – the largest white fish port in Europe.

If you want to support our local fishermen, with a guarantee of the highest quality fresh fish then look for the Peterhead Fresh logo.

View our full range of Peterhead Fresh products here.



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