Sam McKay’s Natural Smoked Haddock

For more years than he cares to remember Sam McKay has been smoking fish and all this experience means he has perfected a process which we feel produces the best natural smoked haddock available anywhere.

“You don’t need artificial dyes and additives” says Sam. “Start with the best quality haddock straight from the market, and with a bit of time and expertise you can produce a cracking product”.

Every morning you will find Sam at Peterhead Fish Market – which is the largest white fish port in Europe. Here he is selecting his fish for smoking. “It’s not all about price” says Sam. “You get to know the boats that do a really good job, and it’s worth paying a bit extra for quality fish”.

Once the fish are at Prime Seafoods, Sam starts to work his magic. Firstly the fish are filleted and then placed into Sam’s special brine mixture, which although it is a secret recipe Sam tells us that it is all natural ingredients – nothing fancy but it did take a good few years to get “just right”.

After that the fish are transferred into the kiln for smoking. Sam doesn’t have a fixed length of time for smoking instead he says the fish come out “when they are ready”.  He is keen to point out that different batches will take different times, and sometimes you just have to wait until they are “just right”.

Why don’t you try Sam McKay’s Natural Smoked Haddock, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Available at Prime Seafoods, where the freshest fish meets the most traditional of processes.

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