Brilliant fish recipe for kids – cod burger wraps


It goes without saying that kids can be fussy when it comes to food.

And fish can be up there on the list of things they may be unwilling to try – unless, that is, it comes in a more familiar form.

That’s why we love this tried-and-tested cod burger recipe, which serves up all the goodness of fish in a meal that kids love.

We like to put chopped lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cheese, along with cucumber, pickled gherkins and sauces in the middle of the table so that the children can choose for themselves what they want to add to the wrap.

Usually, that ends up with them eating many more nutrients than they might do if the dish came already served with salad.

For extra goodness, serve in a wholemeal wrap or bun. 

Serves 4


500g Prime skinless cod fillets
2 roughly chopped shallots
1 egg white
50g breadcrumbs
2 tbsp groundnut oil
A handful of fresh parsley (for less selective eaters) 

Cut cod into medium-sized chunks and put it into a blender along with the shallots and process until the ingredients are finely chopped. Now, add in the breadcrumbs and egg white before seasoning and blending again – adding in a little fresh parsley if you wish – until all the ingredients are combined.

Form the mixture into burgers with your fingers. It will make up to eight smaller burgers, or four large.

You can either grill or fry the burgers. To grill, just brush them with oil on each side and place them on a foil-covered tray under a moderate heat to cook for around five minutes each side (longer for a thicker burger). To fry, warm the oil in a pan over a medium heat. Cook the burgers for about 3 minutes on each side, until golden brown and firm.

Now you’re ready to serve either in a tortilla-style wrap or in a burger bun, depending on which your young diner would prefer.